Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sarah Crowner-Hand Built Vessels

I meant to post about this show last week, but I must have been caught up in post-Tangier world. Sarah Crowner, an artist based in NYC and a dear friend of mine, has a fantastic new exhibition of hand built, ceramic vessels at the Nice and Fit Gallery in Berlin, www.niceandfitgallery.com. This new body of work (she previously focused on painting and abstraction), is inspired by Beatrice Wood, the famous ceramic artist who lived over 100 years during which time she hung out with early Modernists like Duchamp, Picabia, Anais Nin and the like. Wood was a pioneer on many levels. Not only did she leave home and traditional routes to live in New York and immerse herself in avant garde artistic movements, she then became a renowned ceramic artist, supporting herself completely and then became involved in spiritual movements such as theosophy. She continued to write, travel and make art until her death at 105. What a better person to be inspired by? Crowner's work (admittedly only seen in photo because I couldn't go to berlin), are unglazed, hand built, sensual objects that are meant to be abstract portraits of the circle of friends that surrounded Beatrice Wood. Wood would no doubt be honored by this homage.

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