Monday, March 31, 2008

Espace Claude Berri

On March 21st a new contemporary art space opened in Paris. The Espace Claude Berri is a newly renovated gallery space dedicated to the collection of the legendary director and producer, Claude Berri. Since the early 1970s Berri has been amassing an enormous and important collection of modern and contemporary art. Artists range from the early 20th century Italian master-painter of still lifes, Giorgio Morandi, minimalist painter of white, Robert Ryman, to artists such as Bruce Nauman, Christian Boltanski, Paul Mcarthy and photographer Yto Barrada. The space doesn't show a collective exhibition but rather has opened with a large installation by the French artist, Gilles Barbier, of what could perhpas be summed up as a sculptural fantasy of the intestinal hommage to the environmental/political/corporate destruction of the world. Espace Claude Berri plans to change exhibitions every few months so take note of a new space to check out on your regulary Marais outings. Espace Claude Berri, 8, rue Rambuteau.

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