Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rosa B.

Rosa B. is a new online French/English magazine produced by the CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art Bordeaux and the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Bordeaux. Named after the painter, Rosa Bonheur, who lived and worked in Bordeaux and who was known for her beautifully painted scenes of animals, landscapes and market life. Rosa Bonheur was an independent and rebellious artist who fought societal conventions
put on women to become a working painter and run her own art establishment. She
dressed up like a man to visit the livestock markets and she travelled to the American West, exploring new territories and becoming friends with wild characters.

The magazine, which channels this free spirited mind, seeks to explore issues of art, theory, culture, methodologies of knowledge, writing, philosophy
and the like. Each issue of the magazine will focus on a specific theme, subject matter or question that is a common concern for each institution, the choice of which will be made by the editorial board.

Each issue will have a new editor, who will select and organize the materials, text and audio-visual, that will be included. In the first issue, writer and curator Thomas Boutoux serves as the editor and he has included a video interview about Stuart Bailey, the writer/editor/and founder of Dexter Sinister, a small press in NYC; a
short film about Roma Publications in Amsterdam which includes the artists Mark Manders and Roger Williams; an extract from a book called Grammaphne, Film, Typewriter by German Philosopher Friedrich Kittler, (1986), with an introduction by Patricia Falguieres; and an illuminating interview between Boutoux and the writer Matthew Stadler. Rosa B. is an interesting and insightful new addition to the world of online sites devoted to art/culture.

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