Thursday, June 24, 2010

Visit me at Vitrine!

As is evident, I have not been posting regularly these past few months because I have been working on my new website,, which is a web boutique for objects for the home-made by hand or small production, as well as artists books, unique artwork and personal accessories.

Vitrine was inspired out of this blog- through my developing interest in design and craft as well as contemporary art- on the website you will find designer profiles and a regularly updated NEWS section to include guest bloggers.

Work ships from the USA and France- combining my ongoing schizophrenia of living in and between the two! I hope you enjoy.

Thank you!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

La Revanche-Designer Market

Until Sunday, the 9th of May this great market of upcoming designers-textile designs on cloths, books, posters, kids toys, lamps and so on, is happening at 28, rue Beaurepaire in the 10th.
Lots of goodies to be found.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Fresh Air Project

This had to be shared. In doing a web search on a friend of a friend's work I came across this project by Dino Sanchez, a New York based artist and designer called "Keep Air Fresh." This is an ongoing installation and public art piece in which Sanchez places an installation of boxes of matches in bathrooms around the greater New York City area. About 5000 pieces will be installed. The idea- Keep our air fresh. I love it. Super smart and funny. Here is a link to the blog of his Keep our air fresh gallery that documents the sites..

And a photo of the match boxes from his site.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


On through April 5 around the square of the Park Batignolles. It seems smaller this year then last, but always worth a walk through. Buy some incredible pasta or panini's to go at Da Zavola and have a picnic in the Park as well!

Friday, March 26, 2010


I have not been blogging of late, not for lack of cool things experienced-for example a delicious dinner at L'Office in the 9th and La petite sirene de copenhage. Fresh, delicious, mellow atmospheres. Highly recommend.

What I really wanted to share was this great website I just stumbled upon, Started as a blog by a couple, Pete and Parusha, in which they interview friends and then friends of friends and so on has now turned into a website with a zine. everything is in interview type format with photos and the people involved all seem to come from a wide range of creative activities. Fabulous concept and fun to read! It is going to be cold this weekend in paris so something to read inside.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Plastic Fantastic

In the latest issue of the French Marie Claire Maison, I came across some really beautiful work by Les Filles de Factuer, hanging curtains and screens made up of twined, colorful plastic. I went to look at their website this morning and discovered that it is in fact a French organization whose mission is to help people in need, particularly in developing countries and notably women and children, to help realize or develop certain skills or use of materials that could help them to earn an income and aid their social environment. Since 2008 this has been specifically to set up a link between France and Africa in a project called 'recyclagesacplastique' (recycled plastic bag), in which they focus on the material of plastic bags, to transform them into interesting objects for sale.

The work is for sale on their website. Check it out.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Of Carrot Cake and an exhibition

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, 7, rue Debelleyme, has a nice exhibition on the top floor called "Infinite Folds," which is based around the simple notion of artists transforming a paper's surface by folding it. Though I am alrady paricularly partial to works on paper, I found this exhibition poetic and thought provoking. It explores some basic ideas of art, namely form and possibilites of a material, and the question of how can the simple act of a fold can create another layer or dimension to a work of art. This gallery is huge and there are two other exhibitions on view, including a few monochrome, shaped, paintings by Jason Dodge in his characteristic, though lovely, large, strokes of paint and a larger show by an Iranian artist named Ali Banisadar.
Following a little art viewing I unconsiously made my way to Coco Cook, a great new take out food shop on rue Charlot, across from the Marche des Enfants Rouge. The carrot cake and iced lemon cakes are to die for, let alone their delicious selection of salads, sandwhiches and plats du jour. It is a needed and wonderful addition to the upper marais.