Saturday, March 8, 2008

salon du livre et papiers ancien

On through tomorrow at the espace champerret in the 17th, is the annual salon du livre and papiers ancien. Housed in what appears to be the basement of some uninteresting conference center, this is a gem of a salon for anyone who loves to hunt for old books, postcards, posters, and emphemera. The average viewer and dealer could be considered a bit "crusty," I would say that M and I lowered the average age by a few years, but none-the-less, it is a fun way to spend the afternoon. I bought a couple of small posters and cards of 1940 or 1950s advertisements for coffee and rum, filled with bold, graphic colors and shapes. M found some old religious texts and politcal studies for his work. Plus, not to be missed is the fabulous "cafe" that serves delicious wine and champagne alongside plates of charcuterie and fromage, homemade tarts and fresh bread. Makes the whole experience even better.

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