Monday, March 10, 2008

Khadi + Co

Khadi + Co is a lovely boutique in the Marais which is run by Danish textile designer, Bess Nielsen. Khadi refers to a type of cotton (but can also be silk or wool) that is a traditional Indian cotton, locally harvested and handspun. It appears to have begun in 1918 and served as a symbol during India's struggle for independence, representing village industries and possibilites for the country and Ghandi himself is known for having promted and worn the Khadi cotton.(source for this info from

Nielsen has been working with a cooperative in India to produce her elegant, classic designs which she sells at the boutique, 37, rue Debelleyme. Through the 21st of March is a special presentation of Indigo fabrics and clothing, titled "Vivre en Indigo." Scarfs, tunics, blouses, skirts and linens are available in this gorgeous blue, or patterns of indigo and white. She is constantly creating new designs and travelling to India, and so it is almost essential to make the store a regular visit to see what is the latest addition. There wasn't much available online about Nielsen nor the store, so I will try to get some further information to share. www.,


marie said...

oh im coming to paris in may, i love textiles..
i might email and ask if un stage would be you think i have a chance?

pilar chapin said...

C'est possible. I am not sure. It will be worth looking into when you arrive!