Sunday, February 3, 2008

Section 7 Books

Currently up the Kadist Art Foundation,, in Montmartre is a project titled Societe Anonyme, which is in large part an installation/ bookstore of small press, art publications. Section 7 books was developed by writers/curators Thomas Boutoux and Francois Piron, along with artist Oscar Tuazon and art critic, Benjamin Thorzel. Societe Anonyme consists of Section 7 Books, as well as a series of lectures, presentations and events that will take place for the duration of the store. It is an expansion and continuation of a similar project mounted at the contemporary art space, Le Plateau in 2007. Organizers have brought together a sampling of fantastic books, catalogs and magazines that are rare finds, particulary in the French art/publication scene, and which are typically small edition sized productions. Included among them are the publication Dot Dot Dot, by Dexter Sinister, based in NYC, 16 beaver st. (NYC), b-books (Berlin), and tranzit (Prague). Throughout the exhibition/installation new books will be added and replaced. Paris is full of great art bookstores, but the group has entirely succeeded in bringing in alternative names to the scene, highlighting some interesting, independent projects happening across the globe. The project runs through March 16. Cash Only.

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