Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Ebano is a line of jewelry and some smaller furniture items, available in a boutique of the same name in the 18th arrondisement. The jewelry is what had stopped me each time I passed the small storefront at 27, rue Durantin. Very contemporary designs, smooth lines, simple yet bold shapes; large sized bracelets made from one piece of ebony wood with a trace line of silver running through it; or the ring shaped like a parallelogram that juts out into the air from your finger about 1 inch. Maybe takes awhile to get used to that, but its gorgeous. The designers, Milena Pesce and Hamath Sall, create a range of jewelry which is mostly all in ebony and silver, although there are some other woods available as well. Each piece on display is unique, but if you can also work with them to create the exact piece you want, or have them recreate a piece in your size. On the furniture front, available in the boutique were dark wood stools and tables, in some cases, enlarged versions of the some of the bracelets for sale.

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