Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Francis Picabia

A series of recently discovered drawings by Francis Picabia are on view now at the Galerie 1900-2000, 8, rue Bonaparte, www.galerie1900-2000.com. The 15-20 ink on paper drawings were made as cover art for Litterature Magazine, a Dada inspired magazine founded in part by the legendary and (other) favorite Frenchy bad-boy, Andre Breton. Picabia, a French artist who helped found the Dada movement before turning to surrealism, was himself a notorious playboy. These personal qualities of the founders of Dada and surrealism make up the spirit of these movements and lend to its continuous intrique and appreciation. These drawings don't disappoint. They are wonderful examples of the time and representations of the interest in the psychological and the constant link between sex/art/life. A small catalogue with reproductions is also available.

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