Tuesday, November 20, 2007

(Not So) Lucky Strike

Well I didn’t want to whine about la greve, the huge, country-wide metro and rail strike that has paralyzed most of Paris this past week. It seemed too easy, too typical and since I do work from home I didn’t have to be anywhere particular, until yesterday, for my first job interview in France. Walking an hour and half to check out the big photography fair, Paris Photo last week was fun. I just popped on the ipod and set out. But when you need to wear heels and look fresh at the end of that 1½ hours, then the novelty has worn off. I managed pretty well, leaving 2 hours before the appointment and broke up the walk, doing 25 minutes to St. Lazare and taking the only metro, number 14, that is working semi-normally, to Chatalet, and then hoofed it another 30+ minutes to the rendevous. I felt a little like Melanie Griffiths in “Working Girl,” with my walking boots on, heels in the bag. I did a quick change in the café around the corner, slipping on the Prada heels and some lipstick and made my way for an on time arrival.
It wasn’t too dramatic really. Tomorrow however, the real test will be made when I get to lug baggage to Gare du Nord and just hope that my Thalys train to Amsterdam will even be leaving to take me out of this stalemate city. Hope the next post is about bicycles and canals as opposed to French politics!


Steve said...

Sounds like the premise for a good video game.

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