Friday, November 23, 2007

The Dammer

I love Amsterdam. It is a city tucked into a big village. There is something accessible about they city as well, except that language of course, and it is just a totally different vibe from Paris. Even in the boutiques and restaurants there is something functional but funky.. very much their design approach I think. I could spend all day going from cafe to cafe ( not coffeeshops people), sipping tea, which always comes with a little cookie, reading and people watching. The weather is ideal for that.
I have a ridiculous theory for comparing Paris and Amsterdam and it is summed up in its pastries:
In Paris we have the exquisite boulangeries filled with delicate; flaky Napoleoans, the charmed macaroons in a variety of soft pastel colors, or the layered cream filled objects that you feel almost guilty destroying with a fork (is this why french women stay so thin?), whereas in Amsterdam the pastries are dense, cakey, treats one of which you could subsist on for a week, or the stroopwaffel with its waffle biscuts filled with caramel, which are, appropriately the ultimate munchy treat. Well, it is not the most profound of theories, but it came to me as i cruised along the canals checking out all the great shops and funky design objects.
Here a few great places to look at, with more to follow

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