Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ceramics Class

Today was the first day of ceramics class. Last month over some wine, a good friend, W, and I decided we needed a course in which to channel some unused creative energy, or something, and molding clay seemed just the thing. Aside from a semester in ceramics in graduate school and early childhood attempts with play-doh, my knowledge was limited. After a search on google we came up with a few options. Just like goldilocks, the first was too small and filled with too much earthenware, the second was just way too far out the city, and the third, the Association des Arts et Techniques Ceramiques, seemed just the place. Led by two, young aspiring ceramic artists, Christophe and Gregoire, the studio has space for about ten people at a time and offers morning/afternoon and evening classes in wheel, hand building and glazes. We decided on the wheel and literally dug right in, preparing our balls of clay to turn into fabulous bowls or maybe a six-piece saki set.
Well, in reality, I spent about 2 hours just trying to center the clay and kept muttering this must be a metaphor for my life right now. We kept up with joking encouragments such as, "find the zen," "keep the zen," and hopefully, after our three-month course, we'll find some!


Sarah C said...

amazing! i have tried and tried using the wheel in my ceramics studio uptown and can never get 'centered'. i think it is a metaphor for my life and makes me want to try psychotherapy. i'll know my life is in order when i am able to 'center' the clay...good luck! i would also try the coil technique - very relaxing and satisfying.

claylady said...

Hopefully, you have been able to make your sake cups by now- 2 months after your post. When I tried learning to throw I claimed all my pots were made very heavy since at the time I had 2 cats and didn't want them to knock the pots off a shelf and break. After a couple of years I decided that the wheel was not for me and changed to handbuilding which has been a joy since there are so many aspects of it. I will be living in Paris for 3 months beginning in April and found your post when I was searching for a studio there to work in. Are you happy with it now and are you still continuing. Please answer here or email me direct at

Courtney said...

I'm from nyc will be visiting Paris this summer and am looking for a place to take ceramics/art classes. Do you have any places you reccommend?