Sunday, December 20, 2009

Good Theater

"A Bright Room Called Day," was written by American playwright Tony Kushner in 1984. It presents a group of young German artists and activists in the dawn of the Nazi regime as well as flash forwarding to a side character in current 1980s who is an activist against the Regan administration. It is a powerful and engaging play and for the first time ever will be presented to a Parisian audience thanks to the collaborative efforts of Hillary Keegin, an American actress living in Paris for several years and French actress Pauline Le Diset, who co-translated the work. Keegin, who stars and directs the play, was inspired to reactivate this work in part through her own frustrations and anger to post 9/11 government policy in the United States. For the last couple of years she has since been working with a cast and crew to put the play together. There will be a screening on the 31st and 1st as well as the week of January 12-16 at La boutonniere theater in the 11. Check out the website for full details. It's a must see.

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