Friday, December 11, 2009

By Mutation

By Mutation (a great name, by the way), is an atelier-boutique of several, young French creatrices, or independent fashion and accessory designers who are working with fabrics that are either "abandoned" or already been used in another format and "mutating" them into a new design. I found the tiny storefront during my amble in the 20th last weekend and was greeted by a very friendly woman, one of the designers, who said that it was the first week open. There was a selection of great looking capes-a look that seems to hang in there as an ok fashion choice, which is a good thing, and headbands-a look that seems to be making a comeback, perhaps not such a good thing? There were also a selection of handbags and other clothing pieces, tunics and shirts, all made in small editions, with good prices. As their website states, it is a "project that was primarily based on an aesthetic of transformation, now has the principles of ecological and social awareness at its forefront," and how can you beat that? By Mutation, 30, rue Etienne Dolet.

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