Monday, November 9, 2009

Anna Rivka-Jewelry

I came across Anna Rifka's new boutique at 67, rue Vieille du Temple, at the end of summer. I loved what she had in store, but had perhaps unfortunately, already bought what I was going to wear for my wedding and could not justify another purchase at the time, so I saved her catalog for future reflection. She had just moved into this space, from rue Condorcet in the 9th. The look is very 1920/1930s-- a bit art deco mixed with pre-raphaelite, but not overly romantic. She mixes the right combination between a more hard edge/urban look with antique aesthetics. Using metals and semi-precious stones, her designs are quite lovely, and handmade in Paris. Her prices, very reasonable for the quality. Frankly, I have not come across many jewlery designers in this city who have made a big impression--At the big stores you see a lot of the same and prices that are way off the charts, or specifically meant to be cheap and fun. Where is the middle ground? Perhaps here, with Anne Rivka. Go have a look.

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