Thursday, March 12, 2009


Merci could be seen as a anti-crisis endeavor. It may--read is-- a reflection of the new retailing times that seems to consist of unique, "curated" concept-esque stores that provide a new type of service and aesthetic. As we know, the big banks and big names are failing-leaving it to more individualized business to perhaps start the new market going. I am no economist, but Merci was certainly thriving with people throughout its huge, 1500 sq. meter space--formerly a wallpaper factory, on blvd. Beaumarchais in the 3rd.

Founded by Marie-France Cohen, the founder of children's luxe brand Bonpoint, Merci includes on the front end, a gorgeous flower shop and a warm cafe surrounded by books. The interior space is a 2-floor shopping fun house filled with things from a special line of artisan parfumer, Annick Goutal, designer vintage threads, a small fabric shop for the crafty-types, and small collections by mens, childrens and womens designers including Isabel Marant, Stella McCartney, APC, Paul Smith, Bonpoint, and others; a house and home section that stocks crystal chandeliers as well as colored glassware, a whole range of chairs, tables, etc. Here is the catch. Mde. Cohen, who made such a good deal on the sale of Bonpoint some years ago is not in the business now to make a new retail empire. Rather everything sold at Merci is given to charities that support impoverished children around the world. It functions as a non-profit. It is truly a feast for the eyes and wake-up call to shoppers who can feel perhaps less guilty about spending some money! Merci: 111, boulevard Beaumarchais 75003.


Aralena said...

I love Merci. Funny, I just came across this store after leaving Plagg, and thought immediately of you! It was the book-lined entrance that enticed me.

Adam said...

I walked past this the other day and wondered what it was. For something that is for good causes it is extremely pretentious from the outside - and why do we have to have yet another shop sign in Helvetica!

Jan Willem said...

Hi, is there maybe a url/site of Merci. I'm very interested!