Monday, March 30, 2009

Galerie Impaire

A new exhibition is up at the Galerie Impaire, the galerie started in association with the Center for Creative Growth in Oakland, CA. The 2-person show includes work by Donald Mitchell, an artist at Creative Growth paired with a contemporary artist, David West.

Mitchell makes wonderful drawings that present various little faces and figures in various floating formations. The forms look re repetitive but in fact they are always slightly differentiated and never repeated. They work is very graphic and a major stretch of an analogy could be made to Jean Dubuffet. The drawings are rendered in a frenetic manner, often overlaid with watercolors or acrylic paint, though most are black and white. David West's work is slightly varied-figurative imagery mixed with landscapes-mostly paintings, very colorful. Make sure to look at the wonderful store attached to the gallery space full of little treasures made by Creative growth artists. 47, rue Lancry 75010.

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