Saturday, April 5, 2008

O-Eco Textiles

O Ecotextiles, is a luxury brand business that works only with eco
friendly/ environmentally responsible textile companies. Founded by two
sisters, one being Leigh Anne, who got the idea for the company when
she tried to find good fabrics to re-upholster her sofa and came to
realize that though there are innumerable fantastic fabrics, very few
are environmentally aware, and Patti, who has an MBA from MIT and knew
a thing or two about start-up businesses. The textile industry,
particularly with dyeing and bleaching, is a notorious environmental
disaster, which breaks my heart because I love textiles. But the level
of pollutants involved in processing a simple cotton fabric are
numerous and often go unrealized by the average consumer.

are several companies who in the last years have begun to produce
fabrics for furniture and interiors as well as fashion, who incorporate
the cradle-to-cradle philosophy of production. On theoecotextile
website they provide detailed descriptions of the fibers used, the
production methods, the amount and type of chemicals used, the
standards they have met for each of the collections they work with.
Many come from South American and the USA. OEcotextiles is represented in several cities in the US and in London for sales. For now online ordering is not available.

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