Friday, April 18, 2008

Cherche Midi

On rue de Cherche Midi-between Blvd. Raspail and Blvd. Montparnasse, there is a series of second-hand boutiques called Chercheminippes. Many may already be in the know. I discovered them about a year ago when I took that street towards the subway after my Alliance Française classes. I happened to be in the neighborhood yesterday and once again took pleasure in these stores. Scattered along the lower portion of the street, closer to Montmartre then Raspail are separate boutiques for children, home, men + three for women which more or less include shoes and accessories, designer label, and more casual wear. Today I saw a vintage Gucci valise with the classic red and green strip and brown fabric- asking price 671 Euros but I also saw a great pair of navy Antik Batik pants for 35 Euros and Isabelle Marant top for 65Euros. The men’s store is fantastic-finds include Hugo Boss or Armani dress shirts for 30 Euros. Not everyone gets that thrill of finding a designer skirt or blouse in perfect condition but for a fraction of the price but for some reason I do, and so if you do, I suggest you check out Chercheminippes.


Lainie said...

For your fabulous, creative and thoughtful blog, I've given you the Arte Y Pico award -- see my blog for details. You can pass it on if you wish to five more bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pilar, I enjoyed this blog as it reminded me of my favorite part of Paris. Although I may be a little fuzzy on how I remember streets in Paris since I'm in Portland OR, but I think you mean Bl du Montparnasse and NOT Montmartre. Don't you???? This is how I get my vicarious thrill since I can't always be in Paris. I read blogs and then visualize being in the area discussed. In this case I got turned around. Keep up the good blogs, I just recently discovered this one, but I really like it.