Tuesday, October 16, 2007


It feels good to be back in NYC. Being here for the 10 days is ideal because it allows me to love what I love about this city and then before it starts to get crazy, I'll be back in Paris. So far, the weather is beautiful and our moderate-flea baggy hotel is working out fine. The energy and frenzy of the city is comforting. It is reassuring to know that this dynamic is always around, always happening. I feel right now like it;s seeing an old boyfriend, I love it, loved being here, but I know my time is over here and I am happy to have moved on.
For the next few days will be commenting on any new and exciting places/people/things that happening.

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Sarah C said...

after spending a month on the road in europe away from my city, brooklyn, i cannot help but ask myself whether i want to live in NYC anymore - the hustle and bustle often seems TOO TOO much, and uncivilized. paris in contrast seems to be made for the "human" scale, rather than the monumental. Ah, paris, with it's bike-commutes, cheap vintage, 1 euro pain au chocolats, crepes shops, prix formules, cheap wine, walkable distances, and free art everywhere, i wonder if one day i will move back here permanently? but then there is the greve, the transit strike, which has immobilized the city today. how am i supposed to get to the airport tomorrow?!?? ah, paris.