Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Galleries to visit-3rd arr.

Following up from my earlier post---

Recommended Gallery Visits in the 3rd Arrondisement:

Jon Pylypchuk- Ghislaine Hussenot- www.galeriehussenot.com
Jon Pylypchuk is a Canadian artist and one of the original members of the Royal Art Lodge collective. Quirky, assemblage, creatures made from scraps of carpet, wood and other debris, who assume situations of that are at once, crude, lethargic and yet highly animated. Also on view are several works on paper using the same collage elements of paper, glitter, scraps of wood and cloth onto which he writes brief, poetic phrases that evoke sentiments that range from lonely tristesse to dark morbidity.

Enoc Perez-Galerie Nathalie Obadia-www.galerieobadia.com
An exhibition titled Faraway displays several new paintings and works on paper by the New York City based artist. Beautiful yet distant images suggestive of his native Puerto Rico include modernist hotels by the beach or still life paintings of bottles of rum, lemons and glasses. The artist selects his images through both personal and found postcards and photographs. Through a complex process of drawing and repeated layering of color made through a frottage-like or rubbing method, the paintings take on a faded-nostalgic quality, like traces of a not-to-distant past.

Yto Barrada- Galerie Polaris-www.galeriepolaris.com
A series of photos and a film by this Moroccan born photographer based on a body of work begun in the late 1990s. Images of sites near the cost in Tangiers which are in the midst of construction. These soon to be developed areas look out towards the straits of Gibraltar and their Spanish neighbor. Barrada’s point being that, unless the new generation of citizens takes action, Tangier will soon be the new Costa del Sol- a mass of cheap building development for tourist pleasure and the slow destruction of the soul of Tangier.

Gregor Hildebrandt- Galerie Almine Rech-www.galeriealminerech.com
This was my first encounter with this Berlin based artist’s work and I was really into it. He uses old cassette tapes as his central medium and source of inspiration. It may be more literal as in a wall sculpture of stacked cassettes that reflects a minimalist spirit or the work might be more poetic, using the title of the song as the springboard for large paintings that use the tape in thick, black, vinyl like layers.

From the Audible to the Visible, curated by Peter Coffin-
Galerie Frank Elbaz- www.galeriefrankelbaz.com
A selection of twenty contemporary artists whose selected work for the exhibition uses or makes reference to music in some form or another. Works vary in style and include drawings, photos, sculptures, installation, video and painting.

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