Monday, September 24, 2007

Day One

Day One: I never thought I was old fashioned but I feel nervous, almost insecure about starting a blog. I know that it is a platform that about 85% of the world has already mastered, but I have just a beginners knowledge, if that.

First and foremost Deux Frontiers will attempt to be a site of interest. We’ll see how it goes. Deux frontiers (that’s two frontiers in English), is a poetic naming attempt to reference both the personal and the political. The personal is that my boyfriend and I are living in a country not our own, and between us we deal with cultural differences on a daily basis as we come from totally different backgrounds. On the larger, political front, it touches upon such issues and thoughts as global migration, borders, and cross-cultural mixing and how these tie into art, design, food, culture, urban development, landscapes, etc...this is really where I'd like this blog to be relevant. My personal reflections (until others read and contribute), about these areas of interest and how they play out in places around the world. For now that place is Paris...

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