Friday, September 28, 2007


Boutique: Désordre Urbain,
96, rue Nollet,

Désordre Urbain is a small boutique on rue Nollet. Inconspicuous on the outside, the “boutique and atelier decoration,” presents creative household items and personal accessory pieces from a variety of European designers. For the table anything from the white ceramic assiette “slice” or “plate slice” designed by the ever amazing Atypyk,, to colorful ceramic egg cups, and thin, elegant diagonal glass vases. Bright, graphic fabrics adorn pillows, aprons, tablecloths and small change purses. For the walls there is requisite display of wall stickers (a very popular item throughout Paris at the moment), but here clever versions such as large keys, an old fashioned telephone or mobiles are for sale along with flowers and tree branches, they also have little mirrors that read “fucking princess” and “welcome to my boudoir,” and would make a great gift for a friend. Creative and affordable lighting options are on display. Two particular favorites are the Lampe “Ascidie,” whose organic form constructed in white rolled paper suggests some ocean dwelling sea anemone, and the more modern Lampe Tabouret “Nomade,” which is simply a gray, cement cinder block with a light bulb placed on the lower edge. It’s sort of a reconstruction-minimalist piece that would fit in almost any home. Thankfully all of these items can be seen and purchased on their detailed website, The site is all in French but it is relatively easy to navigate.

Side note: the Atypyk site is not to be missed. I could spend hours just looking and laughing and loving everything they offer, from the wooden crucifix that serves as a door stopper to the bearskin as doormat to the rolls of shut-up tape. They are truly revolutionary.

95, rue Nollet
Yoming was one of the first shops that grabbed my attention and shot a little spark of inspiration for Deux Frontieres, as well as for my own attempts at creating things. (Yes, you’ll soon be lucky enough to view the development of these projects and I will also be seeking your help on technical issues).
But back to Yoming)…
The owner of the boutique is a designer, primarily furniture but also fashion and household objects. The front part of the store displays some of his fantastic variations on lighting and furniture. Hanging in the window display is his take on a contemporary chandelier in which red and blue cables intertwine like a falling coils with a simple, bare bulb tucked inside. The Dada Chair is in fact a stool shrunk down Alice-in-Wonderland style. On each tiny piece are written French words such as “cul” “hop” or “la” in black text. The stools can be bought individually but the idea is to have a set to give a complete, silly French phrase such as “pose ton cul” (sit your ass down). A popular piece is the Strapbands Chair in which the seat and back of a simple, wooden dining chair have been replaced with woven bands of cream, brown and green canvas army belts with metal clasps. The canvas belts are thick and soft enough to make this chair not only original but also very comfortable. On the fashion front there are ideal overnight tote bags in sturdy cotton fabrics suggestive of vintage army uniforms in green and beige and the more unique, for lack of a better word, jumpers which are actually vintage hospital gowns (unused), which were once made in course linen and with full coverage. Here the gowns are first dyed in colors of rose, red, blue, etc. and then minimally, if at all, altered and are made to be worn as a long shirt with jeans or perhaps as mini dress with a belt and boots. The concept is truly unique and practical. Little knick-knack items such a buttons that read 'Made in Batignolles' for the lover of the 17th like me, and selection of minimalist designed silver jewelry for men or women.

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