Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I am in New York City for the week and the ease and convenience of things is amazing. Not that I can't get most things most of the time in paris, especially as we have Avenue de Clichy nearby, but the ease of New York is perhaps best summed up in the bodega, also referred to as a korean deli or just deli and I forgot how much I love these places. On just about every block in Manhattan is a bodega, some better than others, but every staple can be found in these magnificent little mom and pop shops. From fresh cut flowers to tampons to laundry soap to ice cream to a variety of canned soups, cereals, sodas, beer, occasionally fresh fruit, muffins, bagels......................its all there and more... Truly a wonderful thing and classic NYC.

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michael said...

Hi--forgive me if I'm in the wrong place but I am trying to contact Blaire Dessent--is this you?? (I know the writer of this blog is Pilar but I was directed here from a bio of Blaire--I hope I haven't blown anyone's cover!) Anyway, I can be reached at www.michaellacoy.com; I am a New York artist and, after having read a few of your (her) online pieces, have a few simple questions about Paris. Hope to hear from you.