Monday, February 2, 2009

Winter in Paris

Fairly decent snowstorm last night but unfortunately by the time I could get out and try to photograph this mini winter-wonderland, the rain had started and 75% of snow was now gray mush. Here are some images from Parc Monceau. They closed off the sides of the park, only allowing a straight thruway--with signs, as seen below, of closed due to snow. huh? WOuldn't this be a nice time for children to play in a winter park and make snowmen? Apparently not. I also noticed that the small Batignolles park was closed as well...must be the French way. My other favorite sign of the day is "Pelouse au repose," which translates as the grass is resting. Is that really to mean the gardiner is on strike? Who knows? Finally, the first photo (the order got screwed up), is my ode to Casper David Friedrich, 19th century German Romantic artist famous for his solitary man in nature photos.

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Aralena said...

Gorgeous and so romantic. Paris is lovely in the snow.

It's really kind of the French to extend vacations to the grass, too.