Friday, September 26, 2008

Euros in New York

I descended on New York like I was a well-off European with a wallet stuffed with valuable Euros. Thanks to jetlag I woke up at 7 am last Saturday in the Big Apple with this overwhelming desire to hit the streets and shop, shop, shop. After my first purchase at Banana Republic (who knows why but I always find something there), and several other desired items in my sights, from a smattering of other boutiques, (why had I never been to Uniqlo?), I realized that though prices do seem less expensive in the city and the diversity of shops much larger, I am paid in dollars still—and a freelancer at that. Well, regardless, I had to live it up a bit so I curbed the shopping to sample sales and vintage-and alternated between a $2.00 slice of pizza for lunch and killer sushi for dinner; The two food items that Paris definitely lags behind relative to NYC—along with good take out coffee. I forgot how great it is in the morning to just have a cup to go and sip it while making your way to wherever. I had also forgotten how everyone always has a cup in their hands—at all times of the day. It’s kind of funny.

It was great to feel that fabulous energy of NYC- I definitely felt distant from it at times, like I was watching some rollercoaster from afar and just finding the right time to jump on it again and go; at the same time, the familiarity with it was comforting—knowing exactly where shops are: whether for vitamins, shoe repairs, or secondhand books. Of course in New York, you can fill every need and chore from the bank to the pharmacy to mani-pedi’s for less that $40, all within a three-block radius (less depending on the hood), and that is the best indulgence ever.

After a week I was exhausted and content. I never slept so well on a plane without sleeping pills. What a treat to arrive back in Paris, with such beautiful weather. I decided to take advantage of sunshine and my sleepiness and just grab something to eat and head to the park. I stepped into this lovely little café/resto around the corner and immediately re-claimed la vie Parisian: the special for the day was a salmon and vegetable torte (like a quiche with a flaking pastry dough crust on top as well as bottom) accompanied by three verrines: little cups filled with salty or savory: one a mousse of celery root and a julienne of vegetables, another with smoked magret de canard and caramelized onions and the last, for dessert, a crème de chocolate and pistachio. I couldn’t help but laugh as I made my way to the park. Yes indeed, back in Paris.

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Emilie said...

mlle. it was so lovely to meet you last night. loved it. if you click on me you'll find my blog. let's get this book group going...hope to see you again very soon...ej