Friday, August 29, 2008

VP choice

From Vanity Fair reporter Dee Dee Myers, which sums up the blatant sexism of the Republican Party to think that women are as naive as to just blindly say OK to McCain because of this woman as VP choice. In a move to appeal to women they say Palin is a "feminist for life." this clearly makes republicans sexist for life in my opinion. It's unbelievably 1950s or something.

"Clearly, McCain thinks Palin will help him among women, particularly those disaffected Hillary Clinton supporters who are having so much trouble “getting over it.” It just shows how clueless the McCain camp actually is. Unlike Clinton and Ferraro, Palin hasn’t been a strong national voice on women’s issues. She hasn’t been at the barricades, fighting for women’s health, equal pay, economic security. And she certainly hasn’t had anything to say about the national-security issues that are also important to women across the political spectrum. Does the McCain camp really expect pro-choice Democratic and independent women to be swayed by a sleight-of-gender?"

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