Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monoprix + Me

I guess you could call it a dirty, little secret, but Monoprix makes me happy. It rarely fails to put a smile on my face due to some rather unnecessary item purchased such as a Pyrex bowl or a lacy camisole for 5 Euros. I don’t buy food there—that is not what I am referring to. Rather, I am talking about those Beauty Monop’s or the Monoprix stores with the selection of clothing, household items, and beauty products. Maybe it is the closest thing to Target, where every once-in-awhile you go in and binge buy all your shampoo, underwear and maybe a new set of sheets all in one stop. Typically the event starts with a simple need like toothpaste. This was the case yesterday when I stopped in to pick up a discount 3 pack of Colgate and left spending 60 Euros on a new, white, linen skirt (yes its rainy and cold again but I know I’ll need it), a pair of socks for M, printed napkins, and a random supply of grooming products like Organic coco scented body soap. Despite the money spent, it seemed to take me out of my gray mood and put a smile on my face. A classic shopping therapy success story. Thanks Monoprix.

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