Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Korczynski is a tiny boutique-cum-gallery space that is located on a little side street in the 17th arrondissement just near Place de Clichy. This funky space has been opened for almost two years and has already made itself a destination point for fashion insiders seeking funky and fresh designs, mostly from Polish designers and artists. Beginning in 2008 it will have more of a planned, rotating program. Titled Tranzit, it will be a platform that seeks to exchange and share ideas in the process of creating between Polish and Japanese designers. The exhibitions/showings will alternate on a monthly basis. In addition, art exhibitions by young Polish and Japense artists will be organized by a young curator at the Pomopidou Center. In a press release, Korczynski states their reasons behind this cross cultural exchnage: "Both Poland and Japan represent areas of large-scale political and active cultural changement. They both were strongly influenced by Western Europe. The 90’s was a time of presentation of new tendencies in art: in Japan it was the beginning of the movement called ‘’Micropop” while in Poland it was the beginning of the new critical art concentrated not on the political past but rather the new capitalistic reality. Both of the movements were characteristic for the countries where they were born, which is why a difficulty arises to present and/or explain them abroad."
Last month featured the work of Paris based, Japanese designer Dorca, whose elegant clothing is all made with an eco-approach to fabrics and production. Korczynski, 26, rue Biot;

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